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Saturday, February 5, 2022

Kasnaty Sugar: When broadcasting meets humanity

By Taofik Afolabi, Journalist based and blogger

As a Lagos based journalist, the only thing I know about him is his job as Ogun state based radio and television broadcaster, until I begin to follow his humanitarian activities on Facebook and this spurred me to have a special feeling for this handsome dude.

I have watched severally how he brought succors to many less privileged fellow in the country. I also discovered that this multiple talents broadcaster has a special love for the aged people. 

I'm not referring to any other person than Mr. Kolawole Atanda Adejojo popularly known as Kasnaty Sugar, the very versatile man have succeeded in written his name in golden book courtesy of his kind gesture to the people.

One thing that also fascinated me to this brilliant but kind fellow is his down to heart attitude, he has able to infused humility with humanitarian job.

Another thing that made me dove my heart for him is his transparency attitude towards the donation made on his program to the society, he has never enriched himself from money gotten from people, especially those in diaspora.

Let me quickly tell you that more than thousand people have benefited financially from Kasnaty Sugar program, but let me mention some of them.  

Some of the beneficiaries are 90 years old man who have lost six of his children, through his program, Kasnaty Sugar succeeded in getting apartment for the man in Abeokuta, another person was lady who collapsed and rushed to medical center in Abeokuta, with efforts of Kasnaty Sugar, he was able to pay for the girl's medical expenses also raised substantial amount of money for her mother. 

Not only that a young, 'Robo' hawker in Iwo, Osun state, Ibrahim also benefited financially from him, Mama Muyiwa too was also beneficiary.

Another beneficiary of his kind gesture was an old man who got two hundred thousands Naira courtesy of Kasnaty Sugar program. I will also love to let you know that veteran Yoruba actor, Pa Tunbosun Oladapo got a car from Kasnaty Sugar, likewise Pa Ajirebi and Pa Tafa Oloyede of blessed memory, they all benefited from him.

Not yet done, another beneficiary of Kasnaty Sugar benevolent heart was a woman with no sight and twins who are popular singers on the street.

Let me rounding it off that the first beneficiary on Kasnaty Sugar program was Iya Saheed.

Kasnaty Sugar, you are source of hope to your generation and the generation yet unborn, you have brought joys to many homes and no doubt about it you have a place in the heart of many people. 

Weldone Eleyinju aanu ore mekunnu.

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